Transactional IBC Services

From 1 July 2015 the transactional IBC services will be delivered through our partnership with Hampshire County Council. It will provide an integrated solution through SAP and will deliver Employee Self Service, Hire to Retire (HR and Payroll), Finance & Procurement through a leading edge secure Portal.

The Transactional IBC services are only available as part of a fully integrated package including:

  • Transactional IBC Services (HR & Payroll, Purchasing, Finance)
  • Professional HR Services (Education Personnel Services)
  • Professional Finance Services (Education Financial Service)

Our vision

The IBC’s vision is to be the market-leading shared service centre for public sector partners and customers. Delivering efficiency and excellence through modern practices and systems.

What does the service offer?

Hire to retire

Hire to retire provides schools with the tools and support to deliver transactional HR and payroll services ranging from new hires, changes to employee’s employment, payments, salary claims and moving to alternative employment or retiring. The service is offered to employees through self service and school management through an online portal accessed by headteachers, bursars and business managers providing complete control locally.

Our expertise in school terms and conditions means that we are experienced in handling the complexities of running a school’s payroll and have specialist knowledge of the differing terms and conditions of teaching and support staff.

We can help your school:

  • To pay staff in accordance with agreed pay scales, contractual terms and conditions
  • To ensure statutory deductions are made in accordance with legislation
  • To ensure all statutory returns are provided correctly and on time
  • Manage maternity, paternity and adoption leave casework to ensure accurate absence and statutory and Occupational payments
  • Provide employee pay references for mortgages and letting agencies
  • Ensure the correct application of contractual and legislative pension deductions based on Teachers
  • Pension and Local Government Pension schemes as well as voluntary additional pension deductions
  • By delivering simple, intuitive online forms for schools to use to apply starters, leavers, claims and changes directly to employee records

Key benefits to the school

  • Access to Hire to Retire using the Customer Interaction Centre via telephone and an online form for schools and their employees for all pay related matters
  • We have over 100 payroll and HR staff delivering a professional service
  • Our vast experience of working with schools means we understand your complex needs
  • We offer in-depth knowledge of applying teachers’ pay and conditions of service
  • Our system is compliant and regularly updated to meet all legal payroll requirements including HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI), statutory and occupational payments
  • Business continuity plans in place with daily back-ups using a secure system and processes to protect personal information

What does the service offer?

  • Run monthly payroll and pay employees accurately and in accordance with the school’s instruction
  • All employees are paid by credit transfer on the last working day of the month
  • Apply HMRC tax notifications to individual records
  • Apply statutory and voluntary deductions
  • Support schools where an overpayment occurs
  • Apply pay awards and increments in accordance with terms and conditions as notified by the school
  • Statutory monthly and annual returns and payments to HMRC, DWP and pension providers if required
  • Pay statutory and occupational payments based on Green Book and Teachers terms and conditions
  • Support the school and employee with management of maternity, paternity and adoption leave
  • DBS pre-employment checks
  • Providing full ‘end of year’ service as required by the HMRC
  • Compliance with statutory and administrative regulations affecting pay
  • Maintaining employees’ income tax coding and National Insurance category
  • Paying salaries or wages direct to employees’ bank accounts
  • Respond to HMRC enquiries and other agencies as required e.g. other local authorities, banks, building societies and other government departments
  • Provide staff with online payslips

Finance and Procurement Services

The IBC provides schools with the necessary tools and support to maintain all the transactional finance related administration necessary for a school via a single online website.

We can help your school:

  • To purchase goods and services in a simple and straight forward manner
  • To pay suppliers promptly and on time
  • To control customer billing and cash receipts
  • Manage budgets and forecasting
  • Provide budget and financial reporting

Key benefits to the school

  • Access to a fully integrated finance system (SAP) via a single on-line portal
  • Provides full local control over the schools finances
  • Assistance with the maintenance of finance records to meet the schools requirements

What does the service offer?

  • The ability to create supplier and customer accounts
  • Purchase goods and services through either catalogue, simple or service shop electronically via the


  • Have purchase orders completed locally and issued centrally from the IBC either by email or post.
  • Locally control the processing and payment of suppliers invoices
  • Supplier payments made via BACS with remittance advises sent centrally from The IBC
  • Raise customer invoices or credit notes simply via the Portal locally with dispatch being managed centrally from the IBC
  • Automatic production of outstanding debt reminders
  • The ability to maintain GL codes, cost centres and SIO via an Internal transfers process
  • Budget entry /setting
  • A full range of finance and purchasing reports including purchase analysis, staff cost reports revenue monitoring, capital monitoring and expense analysis
  • Confidence of a robust and secure IT structure within which to operate financial transactions
  • Transparent system allowing schools to fulfil statutory obligations and comply with audit procedures

SAP Application Provision

  • SAP applications development
  • Software licences
  • IT infrastructure
  • Helpline

Education Personnel Services (EPS)

(The IBC offer is available from 1 November 2015)

Education Personnel Services provides headteachers and governors in schools with advice and support to manage staff effectively to achieve the best outcomes for pupils.

Our Vision

Is to be the trusted, class-leading education personnel service; delivering outstanding and responsive customer solutions.

We can help your school to:

  • Comply with employment law
  • Follow best practice in managing your staff
  • Achieve the best outcomes for your pupils

Key benefits to the school

  • Access to Qualified and experienced HR Officers operating and based in Oxfordshire
  • Quality professional support that gives you confidence in dealing with any HR issue
  • Customer Charter: a set of pledges which personalise the service and provide opportunities for feedback
  • Access to a specialist team available to answer your queries through our helpdesk which is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4.30pm on Friday 52 weeks per year
  • Respond to your telephone calls, voicemail and email queries throughout the day
  • Extensive casework database to track cases and quickly resolve your issues
  • Establish partnership-based relationships to understand the context and overall needs of your school
  • We give you a choice of risk assessed options, personalised to meet the needs of your own situation, ensuring the power to decide the direction of your school remains firmly in your own hands
  • Planned and scheduled visits as part of procedural requirements

What does the service offer?

Our HR Consultants are professional staff with extensive experience, a commitment to achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and a detailed understanding of the needs of the schools. This service provides full access to our consultants through e-mail, telephone and if appropriate, face to face support.

Education Personnel Services provides advice and support with all HR issues, employee relations and casework, whether routine or complex, including:

  • Disciplinary
  • Appraisal and managing performance
  • Professional capability
  • Grievance
  • Sickness absence
  • Workforce organisation including advice and support with managing change
  • Managing staff reductions and redundancy
  • Transfer of staff and implications of TUPE regulations
  • Consultation with trade unions
  • Oxfordshire's model policies and procedures
  • Pay and conditions, advice, interpretation and development of national and local terms for teachers and support staff
  • Advertising: support including access to Education Jobs

Education Personnel Services can also provide:

  • Recruitment and Administrative support for senior posts such as Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Business Manager etc.—separate charges will apply
  • Access to Training, standardised and bespoke training solutions for leaders, managers, support staff and governors– separate charges will apply
  • DBS checks will be available – separate charges will apply

Available to: