Sources of support

Where schools can receive help with delivering CEIAG

Support for all students

  • National Careers Service - all services free. Schools support via the Education and Awareness team: (0800 100 900). E-Packs of Careers Guidance Resources, virtual Careers lessons (available for years 8-13, via Skype), promotional materials and LMI posters. Contact through student friendly methods: website, youtube, phone, online chat, text, email, twitter, facebook, The Student Room.
  • Education Business Partnership (01635 279275). Work experience placements and career inspiration activities
  • Oxfordshire Youth – young leaders programme
  • Inspiring the Future - free platform to connect schools with volunteers to support with CEIAG. Includes: career talks, CV workshops, enterprise events, mock interviews, subject talks and work experience.
  • Amazing Apprenticeships - free apprenticeship sessions for Y10-13 students (assemblies, workshops, careers fair attendance, parents events) resources, and live broadcasts.

Support for SEND students

  • oxme - webpage for students with SEN, as a part of the Local Offer. Links to sources of support for young people.
  • Keen Oxford - working with students with disabilities and special needs.
  • National Careers Service - E-pack of resources, support for parents of SEND children, text phone for those with speech or hearing difficulties.

Support for EAL students

Support for Higher Attainers

Local Support

  • Trinity College, Oxford University – link college for the Oxfordshire area. Arranges school visits (all attainment groups) inspiration days and targeted support for students from under-represented groups/backgrounds.
  • Enterprise Advisors – each Oxfordshire school has an assigned Enterprise Advisor to support them with Careers Education. If you are unsure of how to contact your advisors, please contact OxLEP.
  • Back on Track - Located in Oxford, Headington and Wheatley. Programmes to support year 11s at risk of NEET.
  • The Berin Centre - for students living in Berinsfield and surrounding villages. Advice/guidance available for all, including school-age students. Work experience/apprenticeships with Williams Jet Tenders, year 10 Boat workshop, Study support for home-educated students, next steps advice for Y11 students.
  • The Abingdon Damascus Youth Project – for students living in Drayton, Sutton Courtenay, Appleford, Steventon, Milton and Abingdon. One-to-one workshops, advice, support with writing CVs, covering letters and applications. Young leader programme, community school link up: workshops for all ages and bespoke work for disengaged groups

Resources for CEIAG

  • Ignite - free pre-planned careers programme and lessons, created by the Oxford University Careers Service.
  • Litmus - a tool to collect information about students’ frame of mind about their career plans. Provides aggregate and individual level data.
  • Barclays Life Skills - free lessons, resources and workshops. Interview skills, work experience and employability resources.
  • Forum Talent Potential - free CPD for staff members on employer engagement and embedding careers into the curriculum.
  • Buzz Quiz - personality profiler for students to find out the types of careers people with their traits tend to work in.
  • icould - website exploring different career options. Connected to Buzz Quiz (above). Free teaching resources and videos.
  • CASCAID - resources for career exploration and planning (requires subscription)
  • oxme - information for young people on a range of careers options and where to access more information.
  • Practitoner Toolkit – information and tools for issues arising in work with children, young people and families.