Schools insurance FAQ

To help provide a quick answer to common questions.

The Insurance Team receives many phone calls and emails during the day from schools and establishments requesting information on a variety of topics. To help provide a quick answer, please find below a list of the teams' FAQs.

Where do I find the standard claim forms?

The standard claim forms can be found online at the following link - online claim forms.

If you have suffered any property damage, please complete the online EDRM1 form in the first instance.

This form is an electronic form which will come through to the Team. A member of the Team will then contact you to advise you on how to proceed with the claim.

What are the time scales for dealing with claims?

All property damage should be reported using the online EDRM1 form within 21 days of the incident date. Generally all theft, vandalism and accidental damage claims will be processed within four months and we aim to settle all other claims within six months (please note depending on the complexity / size of the loss these time scales may be extended).

Can you confirm the council's Public Liability insurance policy details?

The council’s Public Liability insurance policy is held with Maven Public Sector.  The policy number is P20 CASLFG 00163 and the policy runs from the 30th June to the 29th June each year. The limit of indemnity is £50 million.

As a local authority, we are exempt from having to display a copy of the certificate in our establishments. However, please find attached a letter which confirms details of the policy.

Please note: that this only applies to maintained schools who still come under the control of the council. If you have become an Academy you will need to contact your own insurers to obtain this information.

A group of pupils are going to a museum \ the local park \ a zoo on a day trip. Are we covered for this?

Yes – all day trips are covered under the School Journey Policy. The school’s public liability insurance policy would also cover any official activity which is carried out by the school on / off site as long as a risk assessment has been completed and there is adequate supervision.

The school is going on a residential visit, are we covered for this?

Yes – the School Journey Policy covers all residential trips both within, and outside of, the UK. Cover is automatically in place for all trips which are carried out in a school year, all the school needs to do is complete the termly declaration form, at the start of the relevant school term, to notify us off upcoming trips. 

We run a before and after school club on site. Is this covered under the schools insurance policy?

As long as the club is directly run by, and comes under the control off, the school, the councils insurance standard policies would automatically cover it.

Please note that if the club is run by an external company, then that company will have to arrange its own insurance cover to cover the activities undertaken and we would expect them to hold a minimum of £5 million public liability cover.

We would like to start doing Forest School activities, are we covered for this?

As long as the Forest School activities are directly run by, and come under the control off, the school, the council’s insurance standard policies would automatically cover it.

A suitable risk assessment must be in place to cover all elements of the activities being undertaken, with suitably trained staff present.

If the Forest School is due to take place off site, you must ensure that the landowner have their own public liability cover to the sum of £5 million.

A member of staff has suffered damage to their own personal belongings. Is this covered under the schools insurance policy?

Unfortunately, there is no insurance cover for any staff personal belongings under the schools policies.

If the member of staff considers Oxfordshire County Council are responsible in causing the loss or damage then they should contact the Insurance Team in the form of a letter, explaining why they consider OCC liable, what they are claiming for and the cost of the claim. Please note that liability must be proven for compensation to be paid.