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Key information and FAQs about Schools Office 365 Web Email.

Schools email

Schools and academies in Oxfordshire are now free to select their own preferred email system.

Many schools (over 250) have selected to use Microsoft Office 365 as their schools email system, this system provides an educational secured collaborative web based service which is offered free (email services) for all schools to use. Schools are either managing the administration themselves, working with a third party ICT managed service provider or have subscribed to the OCC Schools Email Service offered through the ESS Business Team (formally QuEST). A few schools are using a variety of other well-known secure email systems.


Schools have the administration credentials to administer their own email accounts and have access to other Microsoft Web apps as part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. Some of these applications are free to schools and some have a charge.

For more details about the additional features of Office 365 please view the Microsoft pages Office 365 Education – web services for schools

Select Explore Office 365 and then highlight Plans for Education Compare Office 365 Education plans

OCC Email Office 365 Support Service

You may wish to consider the OCC Schools Office 365 Web Email Support Service which is offered to both Maintained Schools and Academies. This service will support your use of the Office365 Web email system and be there for you if you experience any issues.

ESS School Email Flyer

Access to Office 365 Web Email

Access to your email remains unchanged please continue to access the web using the

Supporting documentation (old email accounts)

ICT Services are still aiming to close down the user ids and e-mail addresses. However currently there are still existing OCC services which rely on the ocnmail email addresses for notification replies and until the parallel work to update the e-mail addresses in the ‘LDAP’ system used to manage the e-mails sent from the Health and Safety and e-Booking systems is completed the ocnmail addresses will remain. As soon as this LDAP requirement is resolved we will be able to issue a close date for ocnmail addresses.

Please remember that any and addresses should no longer be used and the @ocnmail domain will be closed down once the Ebooking and Health & Safety portals have an alternative notification system in place.

Schools Office 365 Web Email Support Service for account Password re sets only

ICT Services will continue to manage the administration of all staff accounts on the ‘Old’ email system ( until it is switched off. The service offered will be limited to Password resets only (will continue until the system is switched off – Date TBC).

Schools contact list

All Schools and Academies are listed on the Schools Intranet Home page through the contact details portal.

This includes a list of school contact details and local authority support contact numbers. This includes address, phone, headteacher and email addresses. These details are taken from The Capita ONE database which is maintained by OCC central staff. This list is also used to populate the Councils global email address list and it is essential that the email addresses are correct. Please check your schools contact details by accessing your schools site through the portal and if you need to make any changes please access the on line form through the contact details portal.

ICT Services contact details

ICT Service Desk remains your single point of contact for support with any of your school email issues..

ICT Service Desk 0345 052 1000