School Leadership Networks in Oxfordshire

Information about headteachers associations

Oxfordshire Primary Headteachers' Network

The Oxfordshire Primary Headteachers’ Network is an opportunity for all primary headteachers to have a collective voice and to be represented on a number of different educational boards.

The Oxfordshire Primary Headteachers’ Network strives to create an environment where school leaders collaborate and support each other, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcomes for all primary aged school children.

Network meetings are a forum where information can be shared and disseminated. They are held virtually, six times a year.

If you would like more information, please contact one of the following headteachers:

Oxfordshire Secondary Head Teacher Association

OSSHTA is the association for Headteachers and Principals of all state-funded secondary providers in Oxfordshire. Every secondary headteacher/principal automatically becomes a member of OSSHTA, though member schools contribute a fee annually in order to benefit from shared resources, meetings and seminars. OSSHTA has four core purposes that reflect the current priorities for headteachers in our county. Currently, these are:

  1. To provide a forum for Secondary Headteachers to learn from and with each other
  2. To be a voice for Secondary Leaders  at a local and national level
  3. To engage in close liaison with the Local Authority in their work developing and improving the delivery of statutory duties including Learner Engagement (Inclusion) provision
  4. To be a voice in shaping the changing system of education in Oxfordshire

Although the specific nature of these purposes may change over time, the core purpose of being a place for heads to learn from and with each other will remain.

We meet twice a year for morning meetings, and annually we hold a conference to allow great focus on significant and engaging issues. We also hold brief, virtual, WAYDAY meetings to discuss matters of urgent interest. OSSHTA is led by a Coordinating Group who plan the conference and meetings, focusing on the core purposes, and who represent OSSHTA on various groups across the county and nationally.  Membership of the Coordinating Group is open to all OSSHTA members.

Further details are available from Carole McKivitt, OSSHTA Administrator by email to

Oxfordshire Association of Special School Headteachers (OASSH)

The Head Teachers in OASSH work together to develop and improve opportunities, standards and provision for young people in Special schools in Oxfordshire. OASSH is also committed to supporting the development of provision in mainstream settings and providing support to other organisations with an interest in Special education.

OASSH exists to provide a forum for communication between the Head Teachers of the county’s Special schools and Special academies, to facilitate the sharing of good practice. OASSH also serves to form a collective voice to support communication with the local authority, health services and social care, and influence decision making processes associated with Special education. Head Teachers from OASSH represent the group on boards and initiatives across the County.

OASSH also supports the mentoring of new Head Teachers and seeks to provide appropriate CPD opportunities across the schools. Membership of OASSH is inclusive of all Head Teachers of Oxfordshire Special schools. The organisation holds an annual conference each Autumn and meets once every half term at rotating member schools.

There are also some sub-groups for member schools, these include the Special School Data User Group (SSDUG) and the Deputies Group (for senior leaders). 

For further details please contact Jane Horne, OASSH Administrator.

Educational Briefings for head Teachers and Chairs of Governors

Led termly, in three locations across the county, by senior local authority education officers. These meetings provide an opportunity for networking with colleagues and offer regular updates on current educational topics and local strategic priorities.