Risk of NEET Support

Targeted CEIAG for vulnerable students
Careers Guidance

RONI - Risk of NEET Indicator Tool

This tool has been developed to assist secondary schools to identify students at risk of becoming NEET once they leave compulsory education, rated as either Red, Amber or Green. Please see the RONI criteria (pdf format, 64Kb)

The RONI lists are created by OCC at the beginning of each academic year for students in year 8 -11 and staff in the education, Employment and Training Team will pass this onto schools in the Autumn term.

Schools can use this data to identify particular students in year 8 -11 at risk of becoming NEET and arrange appropriate support that will help to avoid this outcome. This support could be drawn from internal school staff, or The EET Support Service (your local EET Support worker is based at your local Children and Family Centre, but they can travel out to see young people), the young person's parents/carers and post-16 providers, to ensure that all learners are supported in progressing onto a range of post-16 opportunities.

The following diagram maps out the IAG support internally and externally for those students at Risk of NEET at school.


NEET Ideas - local publication

NEET Ideas is published every three months and has information about opportunities, providers, events and mettings to support young people into Education, Employment or Training.

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

Young parents

Our Young Parents & Raising the Participation Age Guidance (pdf 95Kb) is for professionals working in Oxfordshire on how raising the participation age affects young parents. More general information can be found on the RPA web page.