Reading Recovery Programme

Reading recovery in Oxfordshire 2015-2016

What is it?

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention programme designed for children who have literacy difficulties at the end of their first year of primary school. It involves reading and writing in a daily one-to-one lesson with a highly trained teacher for a period of between 12 to 20 weeks. At the end of that time, most children have caught up with their classmates and can read and write at a level appropriate for their age.

Why do we need it?

It helps our most vulnerable children. Without it some children would have continued literacy failure and decline in self-esteem, commitment, behaviour and attendance. Current costs to personal well-being, education and social support services are far greater than the cost of Reading Recovery.

What will happen in Oxfordshire?

Oxfordshire County Council is offering part funded (approx. £13600) places to schools wanting to take part in the Reading Recovery (RR) programme. From September 2015, an Oxfordshire RR teacher leader will train experienced KS1 teachers in the principles and practices of Reading Recovery. These teachers will divide their time between 22 days training, teaching at least four children, one to one daily on a rolling basis and other school work depending on your school setting.

Criteria for part funding selection

Schools who predict they will have eight or more KS1pupils struggling with literacy in the next academic year should consider Reading Recovery. Such schools need to employ a teacher for this specific role or have suitably experienced and interested teacher and a long-term commitment to deploy them for half of their time in this way.

In the first year, Oxfordshire County Council will be providing part funding to support schools’ Reading Recovery training and resourcing costs. In subsequent years, schools may need to budget for a greater proportion of costs but will experience huge improvements in children’s learning, CPD and wider impact across the schools.

You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as there are a limited number of part funded training places.  Applications will be assessed of a rolling basis.