Purchase orders

Creating a purchase order

Purchase orders are created automatically when a shopping cart has been approved. You can view POs using one of the following:

When orders are created against a contract, the contract reference is printed on the purchase order automatically.

Dispatching a purchase order

All orders are automatically emailed to the supplier, if there’s an e-mail address on the supplier master record. Orders will be posted only if the supplier doesn’t have a suitable email address to receive orders.

Changes to purchase orders

Once a shopping cart is approved the purchase order can’t be amended. If a supplier says the cost on an order has changed, or there is a delivery charge, then (providing you accept the change) the additional costs can be accepted using blocked invoice when the invoice appears in the approver’s self-service work list.

If the shopping cart hasn’t been approved the change can be made in the eStore.

Faults and disputes

If there are problems with the goods/service you need to notify the supplier as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Keep a record of when the goods and services were disputed in case you need it in the future.  If the payment has been made then you need to request a credit from the supplier and remember to ask the supplier to quote the purchase order number on the credit.

Completing purchase orders

When you know that the final delivery has been made, the purchase order must be completed by ticking the ‘final delivery’ box.