Parental Responsibility Measures

Parental responsibility measures attendance census (formerly PRAB) is a mandatory annual collection.

The parental responsibility measures - attendance census (formerly PRAB) is concerned with the controls put in place to assist parents to ensure their children’s attendance at school. This is an annual collection running from September to October and it is mandatory for local authorities (LAs) to provide the required data.

This collection covers the school year 1 September to 31 August. It aims to collect quantitative data on usage of the following measures that are available to schools and LAs:

  • Penalty notices for unauthorised absence
  • Fast track case management (unauthorised absence from school)
  • Parenting contracts for unauthorised absence
  • Parenting orders for unauthorised absence - i.e. the measures

The Performance and Information Team will contact schools during Term 5 with details of how to submit this data to the LA.