Outreach Teaching Sector

For pupils who are not able to access mainstream education due to medical needs / mental health.

The Outreach Teaching Sector (OTS) of Oxfordshire Hospital School contributes to the government’s strategy to promote equal access to education for all children and young people. We respond to schools’ requests to support the education of pupils who have an illness/diagnosis which indicates prolonged or recurring periods of absence from school. Requests for OTS support should be backed by evidence from an appropriate medical professional. Pupils should not be at home without access to education for more than 15 working days.

What we do

We provide OTS teachers who liaise with the Home School to deliver a programme of education provided by the Home School to individual pupils. This usually takes place initially in the child’s home or local community. A reintegration plan is created to promote the child’s return to school in the context of the child’s medical need. Pupils receive a minimum entitlement of 5 hours teaching per week.

Accessing OTS support

All documents and resources for schools to access OTS support can be found on the Oxfordshire Hospital School website

Useful documents