Motor insurance

Summary of cover and claims process

Motor insurance policy details

Summary of cover provided
Insurer Zurich Municipal
Policy number QLA 18AC04 0013 59
What it covers Fully comprehensive cover for council vehicles only.
Policy runs From 30 - 29 June each year
Excess £100
Private use Vehicles are not insured for private use and the cover could be invalidated if it is found that the vehicle is being used for an unauthorised private trip.
Age restrictions There are no age restrictions on the policy, though inexperienced drivers should be assessed by the appropriate line manager before being allowed to use the vehicle. Please note however it is legal requirement for any minibus drivers to be over the age of 21

Please note the following:

  • If an employee has lost their license due to a drink or drugs-related ban then he or she will only be allowed to drive under the policy after two years of endorsement free driving.
  • All staff members driving minibuses must have passed the council's minibus test and hold a current minibus driving permit.
  • To drive a minibus, the driver must hold a full UK driving license for a minimum of two years and be over 21.
  • If the vehicle weights over 3.5 tonnes, or has 17 or more passenger seats, the member of staff would need to have D1 entitlement on their driving license.
  • If employees are using their own vehicle to drive on behalf on the council, they must ensure that they have business use on their own vehicle motor insurance cover.
  • Items left in an unattended vehicle will not be insured.

Claims procedure

For own damage claims

  • Upon receipt of the claim form, the Insurance Team will provide contact details for the preferred repairers and arrangements should be made to obtain vehicle repair estimates.
  • On receipt of the estimate, the Insurance Team will either give authorisation to proceed with repairs or appoint an independent engineer to inspect the vehicle and authorise repairs.
  • Please note that under no circumstance should the vehicle be repaired without prior authorisation.
  • On completion of the repairs, forward the invoice to the Insurance Team who will arrange its payment,
  • Please provide a cost centre/General Ledger (GL) code, so that the excess charge can be processed.

For claims involving third parties

It is vital for all the information below to be obtained, especially if the council is to pursue a claim against the third party for any damage to our vehicle.

  1. Full details of the driver including their name and address and description.
  2. Full details of the vehicle, including the make, model, registration number and colour of vehicle.
  3. Full details (and number) of any passengers in the vehicle including a description of them.
  4. Details of the vehicle's insurance policy.
  5. If the driver doesn’t own the vehicle, full details of the owner.
  6. Clear photographs at the scene of the incident to show both vehicles and any damage to them.
  7. Details of any independent witnesses.

Please note that no admission of liability should be made. If the third party wishes to pursue a claim against the council they should be instructed to contact the Insurance Team. (Telephone: 0333 014 3385)

Amendments to your vehicle schedule

  • It is a legal requirement that we notify our insurers of vehicle changes, additions or deletions to the insurance schedule within 14 days of them happening. Failure to do so could lead to a fine for Oxfordshire County Council/the establishment and potential police action.
  • Use the Amendments to Vehicle Insurance List form to notify the Insurance Team of any changes, additions or deletions to the vehicles owned by the establishment.

Traded Services

This service is part of Traded Services to Schools and may need to be purchased as part of a package. For more details please visit the Traded Services to Schools page