Mindfulness and meditation apps

Information about what apps are available to help with mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness sessions

Recordings of our weekly mindfulness sessions.

‘If all children had mindfulness training, all violence would disappear from the world in a generation’ The Dalai Lama.

Available to all, there is a wide range of mindfulness and meditation websites and apps, either free or with extended trial periods, designed to ease away the stresses of work and everyday life, and which will help you to sleep, build resilience, increase focus and creativity, relax body and mind, or reduce stress.

Mindfulness is drawing attention, being in the present moment. During this time of uncertainty and significant change, both at home and at work, protecting a time to pause, check-in and ground ourselves in the present moment is increasingly beneficial. Take time for yourself, learn and unwind.

The apps and websites have videos and audio recordings with a variety of calming texts, lullabies, bedtime stories, yoga sessions and relaxation routines for all types of need. Many of the narrators and speakers have American accents but they are quite soft and not distracting, and there are also Brits like Stephen Fry speaking in his dulcet tones.

Of interest to parents, some apps are aimed at children with the purpose of helping them cope with their frustrations and fears. And for educators, there are some free apps with content designed to help their pupils face studies and other challenges in a calm and rational way.

Check out the following websites to see what is available:                           

Stop, breathe and think                                                               

Free for educators, it has features for children aged 5-10.

Smiling mind

Completely free, set up by an Australian not-for-profit organisation, strong on research and outreach in schools.


Nothing to do with Buddhism, this British-designed app has lead voice Lucy’s lovely tones wafting like jasmine through your mind. Its unique feature is a daily wheel divided into segments taking you through the day from waking up to going to bed.


Includes Sleep Stories, calming tales narrated by celebrities including Stephen Fry


Sessions narrated by Andy Puddicombe, British ex-Buddhist monk who ‘went east’.

The Portal

App deriving partly from a documentary on post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Download for iPhone  (only – no Android version)

Simple habit

More than 50 sessions, with features available whether or not you pay for the app.

10 Percent happier

Billed as ‘meditation for fidgety sceptics’, with over 500 meditations.


Place your finger on your phone’s camera to measure your energy levels!

Insight timer

A social network for meditators, it has a large free library of guided meditations with talks and courses in more than 30 languages.

The Mindfulness app

Free month’s introduction to mindfulness; traditional bell chimes at the beginning and end of each session.


Focuses on writing a journal rather than guided meditation

For The Independent newspaper review of a range of apps, go to:                 

Vita – counselling, Employee Assistance Programme