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Located across five sites in Oxfordshire: Oxford, Banbury, Bicester, Kidlington and Abingdon, Meadowbrook is an Alternative Provision (AP) Academy that provides full and part-time education and support to over 100 students aged 5-16 who are excluded from, or are finding it difficult to fully access, their mainstream schools.

The KS4 Programme has students on part-time and full-time programmes aimed at preparing for successful transition back into their schools or in moving on to further education, employment or training at the end of year 11. Learning takes place in small groups and aims to support students to re-engage with education to better their chances of being successful.  All KS4 students follow a core curriculum focussing on essential knowledge and skills: Maths, English, Science, Well Being Education and Work Skills and additionally choose from a variety of interesting option subjects to make up a strong bank of qualifications. There are a variety of technical subjects which students can select from to supplement their core curriculum.

KS3 provision:

Discovery (KS3) is a full time (up to 8 weeks) programme for students who have been, or are at risk of being, permanently excluded from their schools. Learning takes place in small groups.  The aim of the programme is for students to move successfully on to their next school. All students have two weeks reintegration support to help secure a successful outcome. 

  • School referrals: students should have attended the On Course programme before joining the Discovery programme.

On Course (preferably Year 7/8) is a 4-week full-time programme focused on students developing their own self-management skills. Students learn about themselves and develop strategies to manage themselves and their behaviour more appropriately when back in school. Coach mentors work with the students to reintegrate them back into their own schools. 

Year 9 Base:

Meadowbrook will be offering support to schools for students who have been through the KS3 programmes but need further support with their learning over a longer period. Students will again be in small groups but will follow a curriculum which combines the traditional school 'Core' curriculum with opportunities to study practical-learning based courses. Students should not expect to be with Meadowbrook for longer than two terms.

FLO/Technical Learning Programmes (Year 9)

Students who attend Meadowbrook often love practical based (and sometimes outdoor) learning programmes. FLO (Foundation Learning Opportunities) is predominantly available to Year 9 students and offers the opportunity to study a Level 1 course in a practical subject e.g. BTEC Sport/Fitness. Meadowbrook also offer schools a range of short term, vocationally focused courses. 

Bridges Outreach

Provision has been developed to provide a bespoke, comprehensive and integrated interim education package for vulnerable and challenging students. Each programme can be tailored for schools to meet the needs of an individual student and takes place off site or in the school setting. Bridges programmes are provided for students of all ages (6-16) and can include post-placement integration support. Bridges also supports: in-school consultation; 1-1 support for students; work with focus group of teachers etc. 

Meadowbrook College offers GCSEs and vocational awards.

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students in full and part-time education aged 5-16 who are excluded from, or are finding it difficult to fully access, their mainstream schools.

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