Match DBS applications to personnel

New functions to match DBS applications to personnel app

Changes have been made to the way the system automatically matches DBS results to employee personnel records. There are also changes to the way you use ‘Match DBS Applications to Personnel’.

  • • Provided the member of staff’s national insurance number, date of birth and position details match those on the check, the system now matches results for future starters. This means anyone who is set up with a record before they join the school will have their DBS results matched to their record in advance.
  • If you have more than one DBS result you can search by name and personnel number. 
  • You can delete multiple results at once (how you delete single results has also changed).

There is a new help page in IBC self-service which explains how to use ‘Match DBS Applications to Personnel’ please keep show full URL 

Match DBS applications to personnel app

This is where results go when someone’s personnel records can’t be automatically updated. For example, updates can’t be automatically updated if:

  • the staff member’s personnel record doesn’t exist yet (they are yet to be hired)
  • the DBS level and workforce requirements on the position don’t match the DBS level and workforce on the returned result
  • the national insurance number, date of birth or organisation on the personnel record don’t match the details entered on the application.

When results aren’t automatically updating personnel records, they go into the ‘Match DBS Applications to Personnel’ app. You can then manually match results to members of staff. 

Don’t forget 

You should regularly check ‘Match DBS Applications to Personnel’ to make sure you update personnel records when results are received. Reminder, if you process any basic DBS checks for employees, once you receive the clearance, you will need to record this on personnel records manually using Maintain HR Data.