Licences to ensure compliance with licensing regulations around the use of music, video/DVD and text

Mandatory licences

Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

This licence is required to enable schools to record for educational purposes all broadcast television/radio programmes (except those produced by the Open University who have their own licensing scheme).

Educational Recording Agency Plus (ERA Plus)

This licence extends the scope of rights licensed by ERA members to cover online access by students and staff to ERA recorded material stored on a server, whether they are on the school site or elsewhere.

NOTE: ERA Plus is an add-on to the basic ERA licence and therefore cannot be purchased without purchasing ERA.

Strongly Recommended Licences

We have been advised that all schools are very likely to require these licences.

Under the terms of The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 it is unlawful to perform, whether live or by recording any copyright music in public without the permission of the copyright owner and recording company.

Examples of this type of activity in schools may include:

  • Discos or end of term parties
  • Concerts
  • Playing a radio or tape or CD player
  • Fetes
  • Dance or aerobics classes

If your school use music in this manner, to ensure that you are sufficiently covered you will need to purchase both of the following licences.

Performing Rights Society (PRS)

PRS represent the composers, songwriters, authors and publishers of a piece of music, and collect royalties on their behalf.

Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)

PPL represent the performers and record companies of a piece of music and collect royalties on their behalf.

NOTE: If your school show DVDs or videos as part of an extracurricular activity then the PRS licence will also be required (together with a Public Video Screening Licence) to cover any incidental music included in a film.

Optional Licences

These licences are also recommended for schools.

Public Video Screening Licence (PVSL)

The PVSL provides licensing to use videos or DVDs purchased or rented from legitimate UK outlets for screening to pupils and teachers (in a supervisory capacity). For example, showing a DVD film to a class as an end of term treat.

NOTE: PVSL and PRS are both required if videos or DVDs are shown as part of extracurricular activity.

Do you show DVD’s to the children at an after school club or as an end of term treat? If the answer is YES, then you need to purchase both PVSL and PRS (PRS is needed to cover any incidental contained in a film) or else you will be in breach copyright.

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)

The CCLI is required for the reproduction of hymns and songs used in acts of collective worship. There are two licences on offer:

Collective Worship Copyright Licence (CWCL)

For schools wishing to photocopy song words directly from published hymn and worship song books. This includes hand written or typed copies which can be projected on screens or OHP acetates, used in home made hymn books or song sheets, stored on a computer or word processor.

CWCL and Collective Worship Music Reproduction Licence (CWMRL)

This allows all the actions above plus the ability to photocopy music from commercially published collective worship and hymn books.