Key Insurances

Provides assurance that there is comprehensive financial cover in place to protect the school, its assets, employees and governors against liabilities and claims.

We can help your school to:

  • Demonstrate that cover relevant to the County Council’s insurable interests is in place

Key benefits to the school

  • Reduced premiums rates through bulk purchase
  • The Council can ensure cash cover for establishments whilst a claim is being settled e.g. after a large fire
  • Protecting schools from additional expenditure by offering cost-effective insurance appropriate to school's specific needs
  • Some levels of risk can be covered by the County Council rather than each establishment having to cover a large part of the claim themselves
  • Arrange continuity of cover when necessary e.g. at the time of renewal or if an insurance company fails
  • Easily available expert advice on insurance and risk management from the Insurance Team in Customer Services
  • The Insurance Team liaise with Insurers, Loss Adjusters, and Solicitors on behalf of the school in order to ensure claims are dealt with swiftly and efficiently
  • Administration of policy documentation and claims undertaken by the Insurance Team

What does the service offer?

What does the service offer?

  • Legal Liability Insurance provides protection against the school’s legal liability to pay compensation for injury or damage to employees and third parties caused by the County Council’s negligence or breach of statutory duty
  • Personal Accident Insurance provides personal accident insurance for employees and official volunteers injured whilst on duty
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance provides financial protection against the loss of money and stock lost through the fraudulent act of an employee
  • Work Experience Insurance provides personal accident insurance for all school students taking part in official work experience placements (this insurance relates to secondary schools only)
  • Premises Insurance provides insurance protection for the school buildings and contents against damage caused by fire, lightning, storm, flood, explosion, and other related perils
  • Engineering Insurance provides an inspection service and insurance protection for all pressure plant and lifting equipment requiring inspection under legislation that the Insurance Team have been notified of and that is placed on the Insured Schedule
  • Motor Insurance provides fully comprehensive motor insurance in respect of all County Council owned vehicles and vehicles temporarily hired in (where required) following notification of vehicle details to the Insurance Team. See the Insurance Team section of the Schools Intranet for policy and vehicle usage conditions

Additional Cover

Please note the Insurance Team will continue to offer, where appropriate, the option to take out the following additional insurance cover directly to schools (i.e. outside of this package):

  • Theft, vandalism and accidental damage
  • Pupils and governors personal accident
  • Loss of revenue
  • Hirers insurance
  • School journey insurance
  • Pupils Personal Accident Insurance


Prices are set by the third party insurance provider (Zurich Insurance).

Insurance charges 2017-18 (xls format, 60Kb)

Insurance premiums are set by our insurance provider well in advance of the period to which they relate and 12 months’ notice is required by any Local Authority maintained school to withdraw from the scheme. NOTE: The premiums paid are not currently refundable.

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