The Insurance Team ensures that the council has some form of financial protection against risk.

The county council arranges insurance protection for schools to include policies for legal liability, personal accident, transport, buildings and equipment and engineering works. This insurance protects schools against the financial risk of unforeseen events.

Insurance is offered to schools under two distinct headings - compulsory insurance and additional insurance options.

Compulsory insurance

These are offered to schools through QUEST and include:

  1. Legal Liability, personal accident and fidelity guarantee
  2. Personal accident for work experience
  3. Premises insurance
  4. Engineering insurance

For full details of cover see the compulsory insurance page.

A school can only opt out of the whole package of insurance policies offered; this includes the additional options (detailed below) offered direct to schools such as theft and vandalism cover.

If a school wishes to opt out of the county council's insurance arrangements it must put in place an alternative insurance package of a minimum standard. Twelve months notice must be given if a school wishes to opt out of the county council's insurance arrangements.

It is important to remember that should a school opt out of the county council's insurance arrangements, it will be automatically excluded from the additional services provided by the county council's Insurance team. This includes dealing with the consequences of a major incident (including the provision of cash cover) and all negotiations with insurers, brokers, solicitors and loss adjusters.

Additional insurance options

In addition to the compulsory covers detailed above the Insurance team offer schools various additional insurance options that can be arranged where required. These include the following:

  1. Theft, vandalism and accidental damage
  2. Third party hirers insurance
  3. Loss of revenue
  4. Personal accident cover for governors
  5. Personal accident cover for pupils
  6. School journey insurance
  7. Motor Insurance

Items 1 - 5 are offered annually to schools by way of a proposal form. Items 6 and 7 can be arranged through the Insurance team when required.

Traded Services

This service is part of Traded Services to Schools and may need to be purchased as part of a package. For more details please visit the Traded Services to Schools page