Information about the Apprenticeship Levy

How to get value out of the Apprenticeship Levy

Does this affect my school?

The Apprenticeship Levy came into effect on 1 May 2017, and it will have an impact on your school’s budget if:

  • your staff are deemed to be employed by the local authority (community schools or Voluntary Controlled)
  • your school is Foundation or Voluntary Aided AND has an annual payroll bill of more than £3m
  • your school is an academy or part of a multi-academy trust AND has an annual payroll bill of more than £3m

The Apprenticeship Levy does not apply to every school in the same way as there are a variety of pay bill arrangements in place.

What sort of training is available?

There are a wide range of apprenticeship training options that can be funded by the Levy either for entry-level roles or as career development for existing staff. These include:

  • supporting teaching and learning in schools
  • early years educator
  • business administration
  • management: Team Leader/Supervisor
  • management: Operational/Departmental
  • senior Leadership
  • customer service
  • property maintenance and support services

It is easy to search for more training options on the apprenticeships website. The range of qualifications available is increasing all the time.

There is no age restriction applied to apprenticeship training. Candidates may be eligible for funding even if they have existing or higher-level qualifications. Some time off normal work duties will be required. All qualifications take at least one year to complete, longer if staff are employed on a term-time only basis.

Support available

Where the local authority is the employer, schools can access Levy funds via the council’s HR team. The HR team will help to identify a training provider from our approved supplier list and provide guidance on recruitment (if applicable). For apprenticeship qualifications undertaken as CPD by existing staff line manager approval is required. Contact

Where a school is an academy, part of a multi-academy trust, voluntary aided, or a foundation school, other arrangements will apply.  You can contact OxLEP Skills on 0345 2411 196 or to get advice and guidance about how to access apprenticeship training.

For support with financial forecasting and to understand the impact of the Levy on your budget, please contact Education Finance Services