Improvements to purchasing

Changes in IBC self-service have been introduced to make purchasing goods and services easier

An overview of the changes can be seen here:

Summary of changes

Supplier Master – (this tile replaces ‘Request Supplier’ and ‘Request Supplier Change’)

To use this you need to search for it in ‘App Finder’ which you can find by clicking on the person icon on the top left of your portal screen. It can be found in ‘Supplier- Master Data’.

The enhancements make searching for and creating a supplier much quicker and simpler.

  • You can search for, create and amend supplier records through one app
  • Notification is given after main information has been entered, that a supplier already exists, reducing the number of duplicate records created
  • There are tips providing extra information during completion
  • You will only see suppliers relevant to Oxfordshire
  • Inbox notifications will inform you of where the request is in the process
  • Supplier master requests are visible in ‘My Form List’ for finance users
  • If you need to request non-commercial supplier type, you do this through the Portal access request form

More guidance can be found here:

Simple and Service Shop

Only suppliers relevant to Oxfordshire will be visible, reducing time taken raising a cart and encountering an error on submission because the supplier is not available for use in your organisation

  • Pop-out help text throughout
  • Simplified searching. No longer need to use wildcard searches
  • Contract reference field available in Simple Shop as well as Service Shop now
  • Ability to copy rows or fields in Simple Shop reducing manual input
  • Revenue/capital default once account assignment category has been selected

More guidance can be found here:

Supplier Self Service 

  • Enhancements to Supplier Self Service make it easier for suppliers to register and self-serve
  • Supplier contacts can link more than one of their supplier records to one contact profile and toggle between them
  • They no longer need to register with separate email addresses for each supplier record they have with the partnership

Links to the supplier pages:

Full details can be found here: