ICT Services - OCN Connection

The OCN is a private dedicated network that delivers secure broadband into schools.

Through access to the OCN, users can gain access to the Internet, to the National Education Network (NEN) and to the County Council’s Corporate and Schools Intranet.

The OCN is being decommissioned during 2013 and this service will only be available to maintained schools from 1st April 2013 till 31st December 2013.

Schools will need to arrange an alternative broadband supplier at some point during the period from April to December.

As part of the conversion process to Academy status, schools must move to alternative commercial broadband provision. Continuing with the OCN will not be an option available to academies.

The OCN services will be offered until the following dates:

  • Academies or those schools converting will be able to access OCN services until the end of August 2013 (at the latest), unless special circumstances exist
  • Maintained schools will be able to access OCN services until the end of December 2013, if required


Nursery, Primary and Special schools - £1000 + £8.19 per pupil

Secondary schools - £5000 + £8.19 per pupil

NOTE: Charged at 9/12ths of the year


Polly Hedges
Schools’ ICT Support Manager
Tel: 01865 797233
ICT Service Desk: 0845 052 1000

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