ICT Services - Internet Web Filtering (Netsweeper)

ICT Services provide a Web Security solution using one of the industry’s most favoured educational solutions against modern threats. Internet pages are filtered for inappropriate content and this includes internet sites, unsuitable images and inappropriate language.

A central filtering policy is maintained. There are separate policies for primary and secondary schools. Schools can also select to locally manage the filtering if they wish to. There is no extra cost for the training and support for this. This service also includes virus scanning of all internet sites which prevents attack by damaging viruses’ and threads. This service is essential to maintain the security and standards required for safeguarding.

Traffic through the central internet servers will also be virus scanned as part of the subscription to the OCN Connection package.

As a result of the OCN being decommissioned during 2013 and the dependency of this web filtering service on OCN, this service will only be available to maintained schools from 1st April 2013 till 31st December 2013 while on the OCN.

Schools will need to arrange alternative Web Filtering at the point they come off of the OCN.


£1 per student

NOTE: Charged at 9/12ths of the year


Polly Hedges
Schools’ ICT Support Manager
Tel: 01865 797233
ICT Service Desk: 0845 052 1000

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