IBC toolkit for schools

Toolkit for schools – essential information

Address to send hard copy of documents to, such as P45s or MATB1 forms

Hampshire County Council
IBC Transaction HR & Pay
2nd Floor EII East
SO23 8UB




HR and payroll

Impact on self-service tasks

Payroll will be closed for approximately three and a half working days following payroll close each month..

During this time:

  • Staff can’t update bank details.
  • Some actions you take will be held in the self-service system until payroll re-opens. When it re-opens these actions will load onto the system and the status will change from ‘submitted’ to ‘complete’. This affects:
    • Adding new staff to the system
    • Managing leavers
    • Organisational management forms
    • Changes to staff records or positions
  • You can change staff working patterns but the patterns won’t update until payroll re-opens. If you want to make a further change to the pattern you won’t be able to do this until after the original pattern created is on the system.
  • You can submit expenses but they won’t be processed until payroll re-opens.

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