Equality, Diversity and Achievement Service (EDAS)

Helps to narrow gaps and raise achievement for minority ethnic pupils and EAL learners.

The Equality, Diversity and Achievement Service supports schools to narrow gaps and improve the access, engagement and achievement of pupils from vulnerable minority ethnic groups including those learning English as an additional language.

EDAS offers consultancy and in-school support to develop good practice as well as centrally run training on a range of issues including teaching and learning to narrow the gap for vulnerable groups, engagement of minority ethnic pupils and parents and equalities.

Specialist Inclusion consultants for:

How the team makes a difference

  • Training and support for School Leaders and Governors on leading school improvement for minority ethnic pupils including EAL, black, mixed race and GRT pupils
  • Supporting school self-evaluation and preparation for Ofsted
  • Using school data to identify gaps, design and evaluate interventions for underperforming groups
  • Inclusive strategies to improve teaching and learning for BME, EAL and GRT pupils, including new arrivals and advanced EAL learners
  • Support and advice on developing an inclusive curriculum to improve outcomes, raise standards and close attainment gaps
  • Promoting and advancing partnerships with parents
  • CPD, support and development for AEN, EAL and Inclusion leads, SENCOs, teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) area networks
  • Case work, advice and support regarding inclusion and achievement of individual pupils
  • Supporting schools to develop effective single equalities policies and objectives


Training is provided through Oxfordshire Partners in Learning; located in the Schools and Learning team.  Please follow the links below to see the range of services available:

Cost to users

  • Central training is charged as shown on the Calendar of Training. Special bespoke packages to schools are also charged.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Case work discussions regarding individual pupils are not charged for maintained schools.