Employer Engagement and LMI

Local links and resources to help engage with employers and bring the world of work to the classroom

A key part of delivering good CEIAG is getting employers involved with school activities and getting young people out to experience the world of work.

Opportunities to Inspire (O2i) - Local resource for linking to employers

O2i is a facility for schools and businesses to use to link to each other. Sign-up on the website and find opportunities for your school. This website was just launched in December 2014 so is in the early stages but hopes.

Resources for the Curriculum & Classroom

  • LifeSkills - created with Barclays, helps young people get skills and experiences online, to help them enter the world of work. Young people and teachers can sign-up online.
  • Why Does Employer Engagement Matter? A tool kit for managing employer activities in schools and colleges, created by the CDI.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

LMI is an important part of CEIAG as it can inform the choices that young people make and raise their awareness of the job market.

The Local Job Market - A Guide for Young People in Oxfordshire (pdf format, 2.5Mb)
Summary of Oxfordshire's Labour Market Information.

Oxfordshire Bulletins:

Careers of the Future - A publication from UKCES which profiles key jobs of the future in a friendly presentation. Could be useful document to use with young people.

Other resources:

Local networks

Each district council in Oxfordshire provides services to businesses in their area. You can find useful information on their websites about local business news, networking events and more.

Also the Oxford Times publish inbusiness, a monthly magazine which profiles businesses in Oxfordshire. You can receive the magazine electronically by signing up.

Useful organisations and websites