Education Strategy

Information about our Education Strategy 2015-18

Education Strategy 2015-18 (pdf format, 163Kb)

Our Vision for Education

Our vision is for an autonomous and self-improving education system and we are committed to enabling schools and settings to promote excellence and lead their own improvement. This is set within a well-planned continuum of provision from birth to 25 that meets the needs of children and young people in Oxfordshire. Our ultimate purpose is to improve attainment, achievement and well-being, including the progression into employment for young people, by developing collective capacity in the county.

We need to develop the right culture for improving, including a guarantee of effective challenge from highly credible professionals. We recognise that there will be greater opportunity for sustained improvement when schools and the whole education community take responsibility for the required changes. This emphasises the importance of system leadership which, by definition, is the concerted effort of many people working together at different places in the system and at different levels, rather than single leaders acting unilaterally.

The educational achievement of pupils in Oxfordshire is continuing to improve, however, the progress made by vulnerable learners is not improving to the same extent and is an ongoing cause for concern. A Strategic Overview 2016-2020: Improving the Educational Progress of Vulnerable Learners (pdf format, 301Kb) has been developed to sit beneath the Education Strategy and focuses on this key priority for Oxfordshire.

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