Education Quality

Responsible for commissioning and providing core school improvement and inclusion services.

The Education Quality Team is part of the Children, Education and Families directorate and is responsible for commissioning and brokering the County Council’s core school improvement services for schools.

The core offer provides monitoring, moderation, provision of strategic leadership for governance and challenge to schools, as well as quality assurance. It provides the capacity for directly targeted interventions to support schools that are causing concern or judged to be requiring improvement by Ofsted or below national floor standards of attainment.

Traded services

In addition, a range of traded services are available on a subscription and pay as you  use basis as part of the traded offer which is made available to schools and  settings which is delivered by teams within the Education and Learning Service.

Oxfordshire Partners in Learning (OPL) is the traded educational improvement service part of the Education and Learning Service. It provides quality CPD and offers to schools, academies and settings. You can search, access and book courses through CPD On-Line system.

OPL is committed to helping education providers achieve the best possible outcomes for all pupils. The OPL team includes a range of services which are provided by specialist expert staff with a focus on providing high quality courses and programmes designed to make a difference – helping you achieve the best outcomes for all pupils.

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