Direct Debit payments to suppliers

Information about DD payments to suppliers

It is possible to pay suppliers by Direct Debit (DD), although this is not encouraged as the school has no control over the amount taken from its bank account.

DD payments to suppliers should only be considered when there are ongoing payments due and the supplier will not accept any other method. Wherever possible the supplier should be paid via IBC or procurement card.

Any DD payments should be made from the School’s local expenditure bank account (LEBA). DD mandates must be signed by an authorised signatory on the LEBA banking mandate.

If you do pay a supplier via DD you must monitor the payments and cancel the DD with the supplier once all contractual payments have been made. For added security you must also inform Corporate Banking, via the form below, who will cancel the DD via Lloyds Bank.

How to cancel DD payments to suppliers

When the relationship with a supplier ends the supplier should cancel the DD.

As an additional security step, the Finance Helpdesk will also contact Lloyds Bank to ensure the DD is stopped at their end

To cancel a DD please complete the online form:

Your details

Supplier details