Comments and Complaints Guidance

How students can complain about their social care services.

What is a Comment or Complaint?

comment or complaint may be either a positive thing about the service the child is receiving, or something you believe may be going wrong with their service.

What can I do as a teacher?

The following details how children and young people can complain about the level of social care they are receiving from Oxfordshire County Council. As a teacher, you can signpost the student to the appropriate service who can help them deal with the complaint they hold about their social care.

First step to making a complaint

If a student is unhappy or worried about any social care they are receiving, they can ask their carer, social worker, or the Advocacy Service for a chat.

The Advocacy Service can provide them with an advocate - someone who will listen, make sure that others listen and take them seriously. He or she will help make a complaint and find a resolution for it (details below).

How to contact the Advocacy Service:

VIVA (Volunteer Independent Visiting & Advocacy)
County Hall Offices
County Hall
New Road
Mobile: 07584 481 249
Tel: 01865 328670

Three key stages to making a complaint

Stage 1 – informal discussion

We would first recommend that they talk about the problem with the member of staff dealing with their case. If preferred, ask to speak to their manager. Alternatively, contact the Comments and Complaints Service, details below. Most complaints can be successfully resolved at this stage. We expect this to happen within two weeks.

Stage 2 – formal investigation

If you are still not satisfied, you can ask to have the complaint dealt with formally.

You need to tell the member of staff who has been dealing with the complaint that you are still not happy and want to take things further, or contact the Comments and Complaints Service (details below).

How to contact the Comments and Complaints Service:

The complaint will be fully and fairly investigated by a senior manager from another part of the service, or by an investigating officer, as well as by an independent person.

When the investigation has been completed we will write to you with the results of the investigation and any action that will be taken. You may also be invited to come and talk with the head of service to discuss the response.

Stage 3 – review panel

If you remain unhappy after receiving the Stage 2 response you can ask to have your complaint reviewed.

We will set up a panel of three independent people who will look again at what has been done so far to sort things out for you. They will report to the Head of Children's Social Care who will consider carefully if there is more that could be done to resolve the complaint.

You will receive a copy of the panel report and the Head of Children's Social Care’s response to the panel will be sent to you within 10 weeks of your request.

How do I make a Comment or Complaint?

Children and young people can either make a complaint online, by phone, by email or by sending a letter to the Comments and Complaints Service:

Make a Complaint Online

Tel: 01865 323589

Mobile number (text): 07717 420219


Comments and Complaints
4th Floor
County Hall
New Road
Oxford OX1 1ND