UPDATE: Coronavirus 04/02/2020

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Message from Director of Public Health

There has been much coverage in the media about the ongoing Coronavirus situation in China. Naturally, while this coverage will be cause for concern, there is no need for alarm.

The World Health Organization have declared this is a public health emergency of international concern, and the UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk from low to moderate.  This enables the government to plan and prepare for any outcomes and maintain the safety of the public.  To date, there are two people in the UK tested positive for Coronavirus and no confirmed cases in Oxfordshire.  This is an evolving situation and Public Health England are keeping a close watch on the situation. 

The Government and the NHS are fully prepared to deal with this virus and all necessary control measures have been put in place. 

To receive up to date and reliable information about the evolving situation and advice please visit the following website.

You can also help yourself by taking the usual precautionary measures that would help slow the spread of almost any germs, including Coronavirus:

  • Always carry tissues to catch your cough or sneeze
  • Bin used tissues as quickly as possible
  • Wash your hands often with warm water and soap

Kind regards,

Public Health