Statutory Parental Responsibility Return

Headteacher, Attendance Administrator
Parental Responsibility Measurement Return Deadline 17/09/2021

This is a data collection of Parental Responsibility Measures Attendance (PRM-A) that we are carrying out on behalf of the DfE.

Please reply to this email with the two figures required. A nil return is required. If you are not aware of these contracts at your school, then please send a nil return letting us know that you do not have any of these. If unsure there is detail about the contracts are at the bottom of the email.

The collection deadline is the end of the day on Friday 17th September 2021.

Requirement from schools

Data required from each school
1. Total number of parenting contracts offered to parents by your school

2. Total number of parenting contracts accepted by the parents by your school If a pupil has two parents and the contract is offered to both parents this would be recorded as 2.

Similarly, acceptance is counted per parent.
Qualifying period for contracts included

1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021
Date and Method of collection Please provide data to LA in reply to this email
A Nil return is required
Deadline for collection End of Friday 17th September 2021
LA contact for any queries

Parenting Contracts

The DfE Guidance notes include the following to explain what qualifies and should be included in the return.

The law allows local authorities and schools to enter into a parenting contract with parents in respect of school attendance. Section 19 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 sets out that the contract is a written agreement between a parent and either the local authority or the governing body of a school and must contain both:

a) a statement by the parent that they agree to comply for a specified period with whatever requirements are specified in the contract; and
b) a statement by the local authority or governing body agreeing to provide support to the parent for the purpose of complying with the contract.

The contract is voluntary. It is a two-way agreement between the school /local authority and a parent and support must be provided which can include parenting skills classes /counselling/referral to other agencies for help/support.
If Pastoral Support Plans and Individual Education Plans are arranged to address pupils’ poor attendance and have a parenting support element to them (i.e. the parent is offered specific support as detailed above by either the school/local authority) then these should be included in your return as a parenting contract. However, if such plans do not offer any support to the parent and addresses only the pupils’ needs then these should not be included in your returns as a parenting contract.