Internal trading

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Changes to Internal Trading in IBC

Internal trading documents created using ‘Internal Customer Request’ or ‘Internal Supplier Request’ will now workflow to an individual’s IBC self-service inbox.

This means you will need to select a specific person to receive the document rather than using an email address.

What has changed:

  • When creating an internal trading document, you will need to specify the person you want your internal trading document to workflow to. Search functions have been added to assist you.
  • The specified person must have the correct IBC access to ensure documents work flow to those that can complete them. The system will check this before allowing you to submit the document.
  • If you receive an internal trading document you can complete it from your IBC inbox, no longer needing to use ‘Internal Trading Document - Completion’.

To aid monitoring, the ‘Incomplete Internal Trading Documents’ report has been enhanced to show who the document has work flowed to and who sent it.

Please note

  • Internal trading documents created before the 5 September will be unaffected and can be completed in the usual way using the ‘Internal Trading Document - Completion’.
  • It will no longer be possible to submit internal trading documents to shared email accounts and therefore when agreeing an internal trading document is required you will need to confirm who the intended recipient is.
  • Uploading internal trading documents are not affected.

Full guidance is available for ‘Internal Customer’ request and ‘Internal Supplier Request’. You can also search for 'Internal trading’ on the IBC landing page.