Improvements to Right to Work rechecks

Maintained Schools Heads, Business Managers, Administrators
Changes in IBC self-service

Changes have been made to the Right to Work rechecking process to assist managers in monitoring and recording right to work renewals, making the process quicker and simpler.

Please note that this re-check process is only applicable to employees who are non-EEA nationals (European Economic Area).

The changes include:

  • An enhanced Residence Status report which enables those with IBC manager access to monitor Right to Work data
  • Automated notifications to managers via the IBC self-service when an employee’s Right to Work is due to expire
  • The ability to submit right to work evidence via an IBC form, which will be sent to the council’s HR team to review and approve. Once approved, the employee’s personnel record will be automatically updated, and the evidence will be stored on the employee’s electronic personnel file (ePF).

Additionally, you should no longer need to update an employee’s Residency Status (Infotype 0048) using maintain HR Data, but if you do, please ensure the infotype end date is 31.12.9999.

If the infotype end date is not set to 31.12.9999 the automated notifications developed with these changes will not send.

View this presentation for further details, including links to guidance pages and video tutorials demonstrating how these improvements work in practice.

If you have any queries about Right to Work, contact the HR advice desk: 03300 240849 or email

Note: when the guidance refers to ‘grandparent manager’ for schools this means it will alert the HR advice desk in Oxfordshire County Council.