GDPR update April 2018

Headteachers and Business Managers
Guidance on how best to comply with the new GDPR regulations coming soon

Following your recent briefing sessions, we have a better understanding of what you would like help with in relation to the new General Data Protection Regulations.

We are commissioning a third-party provider to provide guidance to all schools on how best to comply with the new regulations. This will include:

  • FAQs
  • Audit Template
  • Sample Privacy notice
  • Advice on how long to keep data for
  • Definition of Data Controller
  • Advice on how to cover the DPO role in school

The provider will also be able to support to schools that require it with their audits of personal data and training for staff on their responsibilities for data protection.

This support will be provided between May and July 2018 and will be charged on a full cost recovery basis.

More details of the above and an ongoing advice service for September will be available as soon as a third party has been engaged towards the end of April.

In the meantime, schools should appoint someone who will lead on the preparations for the new regulations and report to senior staff in the school who will be responsible for compliance. In addition, you should identify the personal data your school uses, consider what justifies the use of this personal data and review internal data protection processes and procedures and staff’s current practice in relation to data protection.

All policies affected by the new regulations are currently being reviewed and will be revised in accordance in turn. Alerts will be placed in Schools News as these are completed and published.

In the meantime, many schools have asked for sample privacy notices. The government have recently produced this guidance for schools.