An exciting future for Hill End

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A new independent charitable company

The new charitable company, called Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, was set up on 1 July.

More than 15,000 people visit Hill End Outdoor Learning Centre every year and most of the visitors are under the age of 18. The centre provides a wide range of opportunities including education programmes, adult learning, training and workshops, forest school, family events and volunteering opportunities.

The Hill End site is owned by Oxford University and has been leased and managed by us since 1974. We have been responsible for investing in Hill End, making repairs to buildings, managing the land and running the outdoor education service there.

Together with the University we have been working with six trustees to set up a new independent charitable company to manage Hill End and unlock new sources of funding. This follows a consultation that was carried out in January 2016.

The future 

Hill End has a proud history of providing life-enhancing outdoor activities for Oxfordshire’s children, young people and the wider community. By setting up this new charitable company we’re ensuring that this work continues with lots of opportunities to enhance services in future.

Unique learning experience
Throughout the changes the work at Hill End carries on as usual, providing life enhancing outdoor education opportunities for young people in Oxfordshire.

There are exciting new opportunities which will open up for Hill End now it is managed by an independent charity and it will continue to offer a unique learning experience for children and young people.

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