Exceptional costs associated with coronavirus

All Schools
Updated DfE guidance

Schools are advised that the DfE has updated the guidance relating to exceptional costs associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) for the period from March to July 2020

The DfE has updated the guidance for schools on 24th June ( see link below)  the main changes are:

  1. Update on the impact of schools’ financial reserves on eligibility for this funding.
  2. Detailed support schools can access to cover the loss of self-generated income which is not covered by this fund.
  3. Confirmed that schools should proceed with a phased wider opening and any measures associated with it within existing resources, as any costs incurred as part of that process cannot be claimed through this fund.

Link to the guidance.

All maintained schools and academies/trusts are expected to submit a claim directly to the DfE. The claim should be for actual costs incurred to date and the deadline for submission is 21 July 2020.

This link gives further detail on how to access and complete the claim form.