EHC Needs Assessment

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Plan is live in Liquidlogic

Dear All,

The new EHC Needs Assessment / Plan (EHCNA/P) workflow is now live in the Liquidlogic Early Help Module (EHM) application along with the corresponding functionality in the Children’s and Delegation Portals.

In order for schools to submit new EHCNA applications, submit report contributions as part of the assessment stage, and respond to consultation requests, SEN Coordinators and Advisory Teachers will need to register and utilise the Liquidlogic Children’s and Delegation Portals.

This will involve a simple process to register for the new Portal accounts. Then, once verified, follow the steps to submit the relevant forms and communicate with Council staff quickly, easily and securely.

Please use the links below to register for accounts and log in to the systems:

Children’s Portal – Login

Delegation Portal – Login


Video and written guidance for the Portals can be found on the Oxfordshire public website.

The support pages will be developed further over the coming weeks to include more guidance, FAQs and communications.

Your first port of call for any issues relating to the EHCNA system or process should be your SEN Officer or OCC Area Admin.

We hope you enjoy working with the new Liquidlogic systems and if you have any queries relating to the Children’s Education Systems project, you can reach the Project Team at the following email address:


With thanks,

The CES Project Team