Domestic Abuse Recovery Pilots Launch

All school staff
Event this Friday 23rd October, 11am-1pm

We are very excited to invite you to a Launch Event for our suite of Pilots for Recovery from Domestic Abuse, Friday 23rd October, 11am-1pm. To join the Microsoft Teams Event please email

We have commissioned 7 unique pilots from a range of providers to support both adult and children survivors of domestic abuse experiencing trauma as a result of domestic and sexual abuse, including female genital mutilation, so-called honour based abuse, and forced marriage.

The pilots will be responding to current need which may have been exacerbated by the recent Coronavirus safety, social distancing and movement restriction measures. The interventions will support those currently in need of trauma informed support to recover from the medium and longer-term effects of domestic abuse. The focus is on supporting survivors to gain further emotional and psychological stability and improved self-actualisation on their journey of recovery.

We expect referrals from a range of agencies but welcome in particular referrals following on after initial support which may have been provided by professionals such including specialist domestic and sexual abuse services and short term interventions by statutory, independent and community and voluntary sector organisations, such as Children’s Services, the police and other organisations within the criminal justice system and other more generic support services.

The Pilots will be running for 6 months from October 2020. We look forward to seeing you at this event where you can learn more about the support on offer and ask questions of those providing it. The event will focus on the 4 Options available Option 1 Adults (18+); Option 2 Children (5-11s); Option 3 Children 11-17s) and Option 4 Whole Family Local programmes in Abingdon and Chipping Norton.

We look forward to sharing these exciting new projects with you.