Claiming expenses and mileage

Maintained Schools Business Managers, Administrators
Expenses and mileage claims have been updated in IBC self-service

• ‘School Travel Manager’ has been updated.
• When you use ‘School Travel Manager’ you’ll be able to search for members of staff.
• When you find the right person, any claims for previous months will appear in the left-hand column.
• Select 'Create Claim' from the bottom left and choose a month, this allows you add new entries for expenses and/or mileage.

Note: claims should still be submitted in chronological order and within three months.

• Claims that have been saved, but not submitted will not be visible once the three month period has passed.
• When entering mileage claims, there is an optional mileage calculator but you can type over this to input a mileage figure if necessary.

Entering expenses and milage
• There is a simplified method of adding, editing and deleting unsubmitted claims
• 'Purpose of Journey' or 'Purpose of Expense' drop downs have been added. This will help with reporting on why expenses are being claimed
• There’s still a free text box for any additional comments you might want to record about the purpose of the journey or expense.

Managing vehicles
As part of the changes, there is a simplified method for you to maintain details about vehicles.
As part of the enhancements made to the expenses claiming process, a simplified method
• You can create, edit and delete vehicles on behalf of a members of staff
• Staff can no longer do this is themselves using Employee Self-service (ESS) because the existing section in the ‘My Information’ has been removed.
• claims can be created and submitted on behalf of others without the need for the user to
• claims can be created and submitted on behalf of others without the need for the user to
• claims can be created and submitted on behalf of other members of staff without the need for the user to have their own vehicle details entered into the system
• vehicle details are not needed for expenses claims, but are still needed for mileage claims.
• The system now allows more than one vehicle for each member of staff and default vehicle for future claims
• Additional details have to be included about vehicles, such as fuel type – this will help with reporting.

NOTE: current vehicle details aren’t retained in the system but vehicle details only need to be set up once and this can be done when creating a mileage claim.

Travel and expenses report
Within the IBC Portal, the Travel and Expenses Report is being moved from the 'Finance -
Reports' catalogue to the 'HR - Reports' catalogue as it's more consistent with reporting on
The Travel and Expenses report has moved from the Finance - Reports section to HR - Reports section to bring it into line with other reports about staff information and data.

If you need help with this, search for ‘Expenses in IBC self-service. If you can’t find what you need there, contact the IBC (search for ‘Contact us’) and use webchat or raise an enquiry.

Important reminders
Don’t forget staff claiming expenses or mileage must save their receipts.
• They must retain (either hard copy or by scanning and saving electronically) all travel, expenses and fuel receipts for a period of four years plus the current year, for audit and VAT purposes – they can be asked to produce these at any time.
• Fuel receipts: they should keep enough petrol or diesel receipts (hard copy or scanned) to cover the mileage that you are claiming for. The council can reclaim the VAT on mileage claims and we will need these receipts to show the claim has been made.
• When staff leave they must pass any saved receipts to their line manager before you go.

There is a paper claim form on the IBC help page, which you can give to staff to complete.

Have a look at the presentation which explains more about the changes.