Address and emergency contact details

Maintained Schools Heads, Business Managers, Administrators
Keep information up-to-date in IBC self-service

We know some employees do not have an address recorded on their payroll record in IBC self-service, and some addresses are not up to date. It is critical the address held is accurate and complete.

This forms part of their employment record and is used to populate the address fields held by our local government and teacher pensions providers (LGPS and TP).

Inaccurate or incomplete address data means employees cannot be contacted about their pension, and when they leave Oxfordshire County Council employment any future correspondence, such as P45 or pensions estimates or benefit statements will not be received.

Also, many employees have missing or out-of-date emergency contact details held on the system. How would a school know who to contact if an emergency happens during the school day if this detail is not recorded or is out of date?

Please remind staff to check their details held in Employee Self-Service (ESS) by going to ‘My Information’ and make sure all sections, including the equalities section, are complete and up to date. Addresses should be entered, where possible, using the address look up feature, this will ensure records are recorded consistently and there are no spelling errors.