2021 ESS Insurance offer: Maintained Schools

Headteachers, Governors; Bursors
Advance notice of 2021 ESS Insurance Offer: Maintained Schools

Following a successful procurement tender of the Council’s Insurance contract this summer I am pleased to be able to present a revised package of insurance options for maintained schools which provides comprehensive cover and is competitively priced.

With the new policies in place, I have been able to work together with Finance colleagues to revise the way the insurance Budget is set for 2021/22 onwards.
As a result of this work, I am now in a position to let you know the details of the offer to be put to all maintained schools for 2021. As you will see its an improved insurance product with a premium per pupil basis of £19.70 in respect of all insurance cover that is required by all schools*.

*Additional per vehicle/equipment item cover is required by those Schools in respect of any Motor or Engineering policy insurance they may require. As this does not apply to all schools it has been kept separate from the one price per pupil ESS package offer.

The revised annual premium offers a significant financial saving to all schools for 2021/22 compared to the 2020/21 premiums. Combining the cover into one premium also results in fewer administrative duties for schools. All schools taking up the policy for 2021/22 will enjoy enhanced policy coverage, whilst still accessing the excellent customer service and claims handling expertise provided by my inhouse Insurance Team that you know and are used to communicating with.

Therefore, for all your insurance cover needs, “One annual renewal, one annual premium per pupil”.

Cover enhancements
It should be noted that in respect of the OCC Casualty element of your cover, this has now been expanded to incorporate extensive travel and personal accident cover. Both the travel policy and the Personal Accident cover previously being a separate policies, premiums and renewal processes.

Similarly, in respect of the Property element of the premium this cover has also been extended. This now includes cover in respect of Theft Vandalism and Accidental Damage policy, which once again the past had been separate additional cover, premium and renewal process.

Obviously as well as the extended coverage it will mean no separate renewal process or additional premiums will be required for these covers.

I should also reiterate once again that this product offer cannot be directly compared to the RPA offer to schools as the RPA is not “Insurance” in the true meaning of the word but a financial arrangement akin to a mutual, where bodies pay in premiums to Fund and claims are met from this fund. This arrangement is not underwritten by an Insurance Company. If claims exceed the value in the fund it will be unable to pay out on all claims. In contrast, the policy offered through OCC is underwritten by market leading insurers.

As part of the OCC traded services package, Schools purchase not only external insurance at a competitive price, (as it is purchase as part of the wider OCC cover), but this also gives access to the Councils in-house insurance team’s expertise by way of a full claims handling service and also day to day advice and support on all insurance and risk management related issues.

Claims Handling
The in-house insurance team support the school in the event of all types of claim (Casualty, Property and Motor) and arrange and liaise with Insurers, experts and Legal representation as required from the inception of a claim through to completion including attendance at court if required. Support is provided throughout the life of the claim and the cost of the Claims handling forms part of the traded services package and is included within the premium costs as detailed above.

The service provided includes in the event of large loss claims the option of OCC paying invoices up front if budgets are tight rather than requiring schools to pay and reclaim expenditure.

Day to day support
The in-house insurance team helpline and team email inbox provide access to members of the team who are able to assist with insurance related queries and risk management advice. Access to external Brokers, Specialist insurance markets and Solicitors are also available if required.

The cost of this service forms part of the traded services package and is included within the cost per covered as detailed above.

Please see the attached document which provides details of all of the cover under this package.