All advertising must be booked through TMP Wordwide


Supplier number: 1177746
265 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7RQ  
Tel: 020 7268 9051 
Account manager: Lisa Hayward
IBC catalogue: Freetext 


  1. Send an email which would contain the following information: copy of notice in Word document format and Order form (docx format, 198Kb)
  2. TMP will then process the copy through their system and their in-house production will set the artwork as per the current template. It will then be checked by a reader.
  3. Client Service (Morgan Leighton) will then send back a pdf of the advert, quote for insertion and an approval deadline. 
  4. You can make amends over the phone or by email. 
  5. Once you approve your notice, TMP book the space with the Media and deliver high resolution artwork
  6. A Purchase Order must be raised to TMP to cover the advert 

Deadlines for publishing are: 10am Friday for the following week’s insertion to allow TMP enough time to composite (consolidate) every notice where possible.

First Point of Contact: Morgan Leighton - – 020 8501 9714