Year end procedures and CFR

School revenue and capital balances

Closedown of Accounts 2019-20

The files below include details of the 2019-20 accounts closedown procedures for maintained schools, timetable, mandatory returns and the tasks (generally replicate the processes being undertaken each month by schools and mostly replicating those of previous years) that schools must complete.

There is a month-end processes checklist at end of this communication. The deadline for all completed closedown work for schools for the financial year 2019-20 is 31 March 2020. Please note that the end of the financial year and school term are not aligned.

Capital balances 2019-20

The following file includes all schools' Devolved Capital spend and carry forward figures for 2019-20. How to access your school’s figures and what you need to do are summarised in the Capital Notes of Guidance tab.

If you believe the figures are not correctly presented please contact Graham Clare by 30/03/2020. Schools Devolved Capital accounts will be closed after that date. 

Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) 2018-19

The Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) exercise for 2018-19 has been successfully completed. All school individual reports have been compiled, agreed to the outturn figures and sent to and accepted by the DfE for inclusion in the national benchmarking database.

Over the coming weeks, the national database will be updated to include income and expenditure data from all schools across the country and you will be able to access comparative information, comparing your school and those of a similar type nationally.

The All schools CFR 2018-19 (xlsx format, 85Kb) spreadsheet gives the CFR figures not only for your own school but all other maintained schools. This allows schools to undertake locally based financial benchmarking. In addition to column narration, Devolved Capital columns have been shaded for ease of use.