Governor services - traded offer

Oxfordshire has a long established history of supporting school governing bodies.


Our vision is to enrich the education of children and young people by equipping governors and clerks with the knowledge and skills to enable them to set consistently high expectations and drive school improvement.

“Strong school governance is arguably more important now than it has ever been – governing boards have more responsibility and are held accountable for the school more rigorously than ever before.” National Governors Association – A Framework for Governance

We do this through developing governing bodies to undertake this remit effectively and produce the best possible outcomes for pupils. The Governance Support team understands first-hand the challenges facing governors and clerks and provides a quality assured governor training programme and clerking service.


With this in mind we support governors by producing and delivering an effective governor training programme which is designed and delivered for governors by our school improvement experts and associate trainers, who have first-hand experience in their roles as active governors and school improvement professionals. 

We understand that all governing boards are different, and each will have their own unique training requirements. The programme and courses are updated regularly to ensure the information is relevant and reflects the rapidly changing education agenda.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of both existing and new governor customers, maintained and academy schools. Every course is evaluated and we develop our provision in line with feedback received. We endeavour to use venues that provide good value for money and are easily accessible by governors from around our rural county.


At Oxfordshire County Council we have significant experience of delivering the highest quality clerking service; all of our clerks are quality assured and the majority are nationally accredited. This is complemented by regular input into their professional development and the termly updates delivered at briefings. Our clerks have a pivotal role in enabling governing boards to function at the highest level and we would urge schools to consider this outlay as an investment in high quality leadership of the school.
The huge importance of professional clerking provided by an informed and accredited clerk has never been greater. Schools have been given increased freedoms and greater accountability and this has been recognised by the government, noting that the contribution professional clerking can make to effective governance of schools is very significant.

What we offer 

Governor Training Programme

A comprehensive and responsive training programme focussed around a development model available to your whole governing body and clerk:

-    A core training programme to support the continued development of new and experienced governors
-    Responsive to legislation change and Education agenda, e.g. Raising Awareness around PREVENT
-    Accessible in a variety of locations
-    Governor advice and guidance – phone and email support
-    Quality assured by experienced professionals.

Our training programme for developing governors covers the requirements outlined in the Governor Handbook including finance, safeguarding, school improvement strategies, vision setting, performance and data as well as the needs of pupil groups.

The training programme for experienced governors covers complex issues such as head teacher appraisal, exclusion panels and preparation for taking the chair.

We are also able to offer quality assured bespoke training and consultancy to governing bodies delivered through their own school meeting. Price upon application.

Clerking Service 

We offer a comprehensive clerking service to governing bodies. This includes:
•    Flexible and proactive support with agenda setting, including the production of a draft agenda for each meeting
•    Issuing the agenda and all the supporting paperwork
•    Attendance at meetings to take minutes and provide advice on governance issues, when required
•    Regular clerking briefings 
•    Advice and guidance, phone and email support
•    The preparation, amendment and issuing of the minutes 
•    General administrative support for the governing body including timetabling its work, monitoring policy reviews, maintaining an accurate record of its membership, dealing with correspondence and filing
Further clerking of committee meetings, or any other extension of clerking duties, can also be arranged and we would actively encourage schools to make maximum use of the professional clerk assigned to their school as part of the annual package.

External review of Governance

The role that Governing bodies play in school improvement is critical; this is something that is assessed thoroughly during the Ofsted inspection process and contributes to the overall judgement on Leadership & Management. Schools that have been identified with weaknesses in this area by Ofsted are recommended to undertake an external review of governance.

This review of governance is not a further inspection but allows a governing board to work with a highly experienced member of our team to investigate current practices and ways of organizing the governing body to the best effect. The reviewer ultimately provides the governing body with an experienced external perspective on how it is working, and what actions it could take to improve through a detailed report and verbal feedback session.

There is no need to wait for an Ofsted inspection recommendation! Pro-active schools can arrange a review of governance at their convenience and use the findings to improve the effectiveness of the work of the governing body.  The review will be tailored to suit your needs; identifying what currently operates well, areas for improvement and making recommendations. 

Headteacher Performance Appraisal 

In September 2012 new regulations related to the performance management of school teachers, including head teachers, were introduced. These regulations came fully into force on 1 September 2013.
Performance appraisal is the process for assessing the overall performance of a head teacher, making plans for the individual’s future development in the context of the school’s improvement plan and determining eligibility for pay progression. Professional standards including the National standards of excellence for head teachers, January 2015, provide the backdrop to discussions about performance and future development.
Governor Services can provide the above service to assist governors in discharging this duty using quality assured personnel.

+Key Benefits of Service to school / setting 

We can help your governing body to:

•    Secure high quality teaching and improved outcomes for pupils by facilitating effective collaboration between governors and the management of the school
•    Be confident that it meets the statutory duties required of governing boards 
•    Consider effective governance organisation structures and support schools during transition periods to new leadership and governance models
•    Be shown to be effective through professional minute-taking demonstrating support and challenge.
•    Become a well-informed and effective body, confident in its succession planning and school development
•    Assist the governing board with its principal role and key responsibilities in the appraisal process. 


‘The delivery of the training was extremely informative, interactive and valuable.  The content was enhanced by the positive and passionate delivery.’ - Robert Holmes, Governor  – Edith Moorhouse Primary School

‘It has synthesized in a very clear and concise way what the expectations are of a governor.  It has helped to demystify a lot of the language and processes surrounding good governance.’ - Lucy Melville, Governor – The Cherwell School


Tel: 03300 249046

Supports Ofsted 

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management.
  • Quality of teaching and learning and assessment. 
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare.
  • Outcomes for pupils
  • Effectiveness of the early years / 6th form provision, quality and standards

Pricing Details

Governor Training Annual Subscription Package 

  • Schools with up to 100 pupils - £700
  • 101 pupils + - £1100
  • All Secondary Schools - £1600

Pay-as-You-Use for Governors from non-subscribing schools, courses from £125

Clerks Only Training Package

  • £500 per school

To enable non-LA clerks to benefit from full access to termly Clerks’ briefings and developmental training, e.g. Clerking Exclusion Panels

Professional Governing Board Clerking Service Annual Subscription Package

  • 6 Full Governing Body (FGB) Committee meetings of Professional  Clerking - £1500 per annum 
  • 12 (6 FGB and 6 Sub Committee) meetings of Professional Clerking - £2850 per annum 

Additional clerking related hours charged from £30 per hour for subscribing schools

*Buy both the training and clerking package and receive a 5% discount off total price. 

*Special offer for Multi - Academy Trusts or Collaborative Companies  – 1% reduction per member school (maximum discount of 15%)  i.e. a 10 school MAT will receive a 10% discount per school.  

External Review of Governance 

  • Schools with up to 100 pupils - £950
  • 101 pupils + - £1250
  • Secondary - £1500

Headteacher Performance Appraisal

  • £650 (£100 reduction if objective session setting only)
  • OGA 
  • £15 Schools >300 pupils 
  • £10 Schools < 300 pupils 


  • £140 per subscribing school.

GovernorHub is a tool that provides some of the key information that governors and clerks need to perform their role, as well as an information distribution system and communication tool.

This is a special rate for all our schools, maintained or academy as opposed to £300 for direct subscription

Gel E-learning

  • £99 per subscribing school

Governor E-Learning (GEL) has been developed by the Eastern Leadership Centre (ELC) in partnership with practising, experienced LA governor service managers and expert governance consultants.

Modern Governor

  • £140 per subscribing school

Modern Governor is one of the leading provider of online professional development for school governors and academy trust board members

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