Your school energy team

Staff and pupils are your biggest asset when driving down energy consumption.

Your energy team will need to engage with staff and students in order to help facilitate behavioural change and manage the school building's services efficiently.

What does the energy team do?

Your energy team has a role to play at all stages along the energy management pathway.  The team is likely to:

Who should be included in our school's energy team?

Every school is different and this may not always be practical, but ideally the School Energy Team should include:

  • Students (ideally at least one representative from each class / year )
  • A teacher
  • A site manager, if you have one
  • The school business manager
  • A member of senior management
  • A governor

Action: To involve your pupils, why not ask them to apply for the job of energy officer? They could write the reasons why they want to be involved and their ideas for energy saving.

Case study


Cherwell School's Eco Group

We ran a 'Switch-Off' fortnight (last November) which was very successful in raising awareness and engaging students and staff in thinking about reducing our school consumption. We ran a competition to get posters to publicise the event that were then displayed all over the school and as the computer screen background for the two weeks of Switch-Off. That publicised the event before it happened which was really helpful. We also had KS3 energy monitors who went around switching things off at break and lunchtime (they loved it). My sixth-form students in our Eco-group 'Cherwell Earth' were fab and did assemblies so that it was clearly seen as their project not ours (staff) which helped.