Suppliers, procurement cards and tax

Help with adding new suppliers and procurement cards


If the supplier you want to use isn’t on the system you need to ask for them to be added.

Purchasing cards

Purchasing cards allows you to purchase appropriate goods/services efficiently and cost-effectively on behalf of your school.   They should be used to make appropriate, low-value, ad-hoc purchases without the need to raise a purchase order.

Examples of when a purchasing card may be a suitable alternative to raising a purchase order are for:

  • essential internet purchases
  • purchases from one-time suppliers
  • purchases from overseas suppliers
  • licences and subscriptions
  • booking conferences
  • authorised business travel and accommodation bookings (e.g. school trips, rail travel etc.).

Purchasing cards are managed through the Integrated Business Centre (IBC).

For advice about using cards for purchasing contact the Oxfordshire County Council corporate procurement team

Applying for a card

Before you can apply for a card you must complete the eLearning lesson (search for the course called Purchasing Cards). 

To do the elearning lesson you need to register with the Learning Zone (pdf format, 544Kb)

Once you have completed the eLearning you will be able to access the application form. 

Your line manager will receive your form for approval. They should forward this to the purchasing card admin team (

The bank will receive the information from the admin team, process the request and send the card. This may take at least four weeks. The MasterCard and PIN number will arrive at your work address at different times.  

Taxation and VAT

Oxfordshire County Council’s VAT Registration Number is 195 4786 09.

Taxation and VAT services are delivered by Hampshire County Council

The contact at is:

Keith White - Tax Manager
Tel: 01962 847404
Fax : 01962 847644
Email -

If you receive a VAT-only invoice, please scan and send it to to be paid.