Setting an energy reduction target

How a target gives your community a focus.

Once you have written your energy policy, established your energy team and conducted some initial monitoring to get an idea of your baseline energy use, it's a good idea to set a target for reducing your energy consumption.

A target provides a clear focus and will enable you to quantify and therefore communicate your progress more easily.

How can we set a target?

Pupils displayed their ideas to reduce energy use.

The behaviour of teaching staff, students, cleaners and out of hours users is an important factor to consider when setting your target. On average, activities such as leaving lights turned on and equipment on 'stand-by' equates to 10% of your energy consumption. 'Good housekeeping' could be a 'quick win'.

We recognise that each school is different, but a combination of regular monitoring, energy 'walk-arounds' and considering the results of your site survey (if you have received one), should provide you with a clearer indication of where energy is being wasted and therefore what would make a reasonable target to aim for.