SEN Casework Team

The SEN Casework Team is responsible for statutory duties in relation to SEN.

The team is responsible specifically for:

  • processing requests for statutory assessment for children and young people aged 2 to19, in consultation with other agencies, as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice
  • monitoring Annual Reviews and transition plans
  • ensuring that the provision identified in a statement is delivered to the child or young person        
  • resolving disagreement,  either by working  directly with parents or by working with Parent Partnership or an independent Mediation Service
  • representing the Local Authority’s position at the First-Tier Tribunal (SEND)
  • exercising SEN functions to meet the requirement of value for money.

How the team makes a difference

  • Ensuring that the needs of children and young people are appropriately identified.
  • Ensuring that statements are based on a joint assessment, planning and review processes that keep parents and cares at the heart of discussions and decision making about their child. 
  • Identifying clear and achievable objectives to enable the child or young person to make progress.
  • Working to strict timescales to ensure that children receive the right support as quickly as possible.
  • Effectively communicating with families and professionals to clarify and pre-empt disagreement which can make a difference to parental confidence and pupil progress.
  • Enabling effective transition through careful planning, monitoring and identifying pathways for future education or employment.
  • Managing a countywide moderation panel to ensure equity and fairness in relation to special education provision.
  • Managing regular placement panels to consider admissions to specialist provisions.
  • Providing effective communication by skilled and knowledgeable SEN Officers with parents, schools/settings, support services, hub workers, social workers, health colleagues, other outside agencies and the voluntary and community sector.

The impact of the SEN Casework Team

  • 100% of statutory assessments in Oxfordshire are processed within prescribed timescales (26 weeks).
  • Few pupils with statements are excluded from either mainstream or special school.
  • Low numbers of complaints and tribunals.
  • Low number of placements in out of county provision.

Costs to users

The SEN Casework Team provides statutory functions, these are provided free of charge to settings, schools and academies.