Road and travel safety

Road safety and school travel advice for schools

This service is no longer provided by Oxfordshire County Council. You may find these resources useful to support you.

Information and advice on a range of road safety topics and a range of education resources available for your school.

Road safety education policy

The Road Safety Eduction Policy (pdf format, 197 Kb) is the official Oxfordshire County Council policy on road safety education which has not been changed since it was developed in 1998.


Key stage 3 and 4 resources for schools.

Key stage three

Ghost Street

DVD-based discussion resource for Key Stage three covering distractions, seatbelts, cycle safety and speed.

Key stage four

Ghost Street

DVD-based discussion resource for Key Stage four covering distractions, seatbelts, cycle safety and speed.

Information for parents

If parents feel there are issues with inappropriate/obstructive parking at their school, it is best to contact the Headteacher in the first instance and ask if it would be possible to set up a S.T.A.R.S (School Travel and Road Safety) team.

If there are other highway issues contact For road safety issues contact

News and updates

Selection of previous news updates.

Stanford Christmas walk

Stanford in the Vale S.T.A.R.S team decided that they would like to organise a special Christmas themed 'Walk on Wednesday' during the last week of term. They already have an agreed Park and Walk site from the village hall and so asked parents who needed to make the journey to school by car to park away from the school and walk in - wearing Santa hats of course!

The event was made especially festive as Christmas songs and carols were sung on route and the walkers were led by Stanford in the Vale's very own 'Rudolph.

Each child received a Christmas stationary set for taking part and helping the environment.

Harwell speed project

Harwell S.T.A.R.S team are concentrating their efforts on reducing vehicle speeds around school by trying to encourage drivers coming into school to slow down and preferably park elsewhere.

In conjunction with local PCSO's and Debra the Zebra they arranged a 'Speed Awareness Morning' for which the young people were present on the roadside noting speeds displayed on the Sid (Speed Indicator Device).

Overall the morning was a success with the majority of vehicles reducing their speeds. In addition the school has a page on the school website and regular reminders in the school weekly newsletter.

Catherine, one of the S.T.A.R.S team said "I think it is very important for our school to have a STARS team because our school is on a street where lots of people drive to school and they are going too fast, for the speed should be 10 mph and a lot of people are going 15 or more! It is really important that people stop driving into the school gate and slow down because someone will get run over or badly injured. My school is a village school and I think that kids that live in the village should be walking and get healthy and keep us all safe."

For further information about the project please contact Peter Cansell - Headteacher on 01235 835337'.

Cycle training tests

Book a cycle training test via our online system.