Risk of NEET referrals

How Oxfordshire County Council support students at risk of NEET and how schools can refer students
Careers Guidance

Statutory guidance

Schools have a duty to provide independent and impartial careers guidance for all students on their role in years 8-13.

Referring year 11 students

Schools can refer students who are at risk of NEET in their final term of year 11 for pre-assessment over the summer term. Schools who wish to refer a student must complete a referral form (docx format, 62Kb) and continue to work with the student until the end of the summer term.

The support/referral process for 2020 is as follows:

February – June (while a student is on-roll at school, including exams period)

  • Schools continue to identify students at risk of NEET for school-based interventions (e.g. one-to-ones, mentoring schemes, meetings with careers advisors).
  • Schools keep a record of these interventions and minutes of meetings with careers advisors. These are important to pass on to a caseworker if the student is referred.
  • The EET Casework Team have put together a workshop for year 11 students to talk about the EET service, year 12 options and sources of support once a year 11 student has left school. Please email eetreferrals@oxfordshire.gov.uk if you would like to arrange a date/time for this to run in your school.

July – August (after the student has completed statutory school age)

  • Schools can now highlight to the EET service students who are at risk of NEET. Consent from student/parent is not necessary.
  • A casework form, along with minutes of the students meetings with a careers advisor can be sent to: eetreferrals@oxfordshire.gov.uk. Please remember that if you are using this form to refer for one to one casework you will need consent from young person or parent/carer. Due to GDPR you should not be sharing information about someone without their permission unless there is a safeguarding issue. If there is a safeguarding issue then please discuss with the Locality Community Support Service for your area.
  • The EET Service will pre-assess cases during the summer to target support, and offer Choices sessions to students who have been referred.

If you have a student in years 8-10 who requires more support, please see our pages on sources of support.