Oxfordshire School Inclusion Team (OXSIT) - traded offer

The team of OXSIT Inclusion Consultants offer support to mainstream primary and secondary schools

OXSIT Inclusion Consultants are experienced SENCOs and school leaders.

We offer support to Primary and Secondary schools across Oxfordshire to:

  • Improve inclusive practice
  • Improve engagement in education
  • Raise attainment of learners vulnerable to under-achievement particularly those at SEN Support.

We teach on the Master’s level courses at Oxford Brookes University, training SENCOs on the National Award for SENCOs (NASENCO) and the Working with Children and Young People with Literacy Difficulties courses. We also provide training for governors and school leaders. This includes carrying out SEN and Pupil Premium reviews for schools and supporting with development planning.

We ensure our clients get the most up to date research, advice and guidance to support inclusive practice in mainstream schools


During the partial closures of schools and rapid roll out of remote teaching, OXSIT has adapted its work to focus on meeting your needs through virtual training and support. When appropriate, visits to schools have been postponed until schools are able to admit visiting professionals. We have had excellent feedback on the way we are working during the pandemic and are keen to further develop this in response to ensure our offer flexibly meets your needs. 

We can help your school to: 

  • Develop Quality First Inclusive Teaching across the school
  • Develop provision for pupils with SEND across the school
  • Monitor and improve Inclusive teaching and learning – using book looks, deep dives, learning walks, teaching assistant observations
  • Improve and develop SEND systems and processes, provision mapping, reviewing Pupil Profiles
  • Review policies and statutory website content relating to vulnerable learners
  • Provide support for schools with questions about Annual Reviews and the Graduated Response to SEND including when to apply for an EHCP needs assessment or additional funding.
  • Train and develop SENCOs.


  • Whole staff training
  • Teaching assistant training
  • Interventions and assessments for the targeted response in relation to Cognition and Learning (including dyslexia and literacy difficulties) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs.
  • Parent workshops
  • Support for staff working with children and young people presenting with challenging behaviour
  • Providing support and guidance around meeting the needs of pupils with English as an Additional Language and how to monitor their progress
  • Guidance for meeting exam access arrangements requirements
  • Providing advice and guidance for teachers and teaching assistantss on supporting individual learners with SEND.

Key benefits to the school

  • Knowledgeable, skilful and experienced professionals focused on school improvement
  • In depth knowledge of good practice in the county to enable sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Up to date information relating to national developments
  • Development for all teachers and teaching assistants to enhance confidence and effectiveness with inclusive teaching
  • Support for SENCOs with developing strategic leadership of SEND.

What does the service offer?

SEN Support

We support strategic development of Inclusion provision in schools with a particular focus on early identification of Special Educational Needs and developing an effective graduated response that improves outcomes for learners vulnerable to underachievement.

SEND and Pupil Premium Reviews: We will work with you to review your provision, identify strengths and areas of development.

Behaviour Support

We support schools to improve whole school behaviour and to improve provision for individual learners presenting with challenging behaviour and those with Social Emotional and Mental Health needs. We have a variety of resources to support you including some helpful tools and training packages based on the latest research.

EAL Support

We have a range of excellent resources to support schools to improve provision for learners with English as an additional language. We offer training for teachers and teaching assistants in best practice for meeting the needs of pupils with English as an additional language. This includes specific support and resources for unaccompanied asylum seekers.

Annual subscription offers 2021-2022

Foundation package - £291

Provides dedicated resources to school subscribers, email and telephone support, three inclusion network briefings a year, a monthly newsletter (which includes updates on national and local developments), and web-based resources to support the busy SENCO via our website.

Consultancy packages

Includes Foundation Package membership for free

  • OXSIT Package 1 (Three days) - £1,639
  • OXSIT Package 2 (Four days) - £2,185
  • OXSIT Package 3 (Six days) - £3,277
  • OXSIT Package 4 (Ten days) - £5,462
  • OXSIT Package 5 (Twelve days) - £6,555

Behaviour Support: A package of 2 half day visits to support staff to improve inclusion for an individual learner (£500).

SEND and Pupil Premium Reviews: We will work with you to review your provision, identify strengths and areas of development. £867. (Price can vary depending on the size of school). Days from Inclusion Consultancy Packages can also be used for reviews.

Pay as you go

  • Full day £561
  • Half day £306

Our day rate is typically the equivalent of 2 half day visits and includes a written report for each visit.

Contact us for our prices for out of county schools and independent schools